We're Feeling Rejuvenated

Corbin Cutter

Hello faith & honesTee family,

The team and I just read over John Chapter 1, to try and understand the actual events of Jesus' life a bit further. As we finished the reading, we were refreshed with the idea that we are all children of the Lord as he goes before us.

The people who saw John baptizing others questioned him and asked "Why are you baptizing when you are not a prophet or the Lord?" John replied that "the Lord goes before him and that he does his good works using water all the while through the Lord."

What a wonderful spirit John was blessed with. His story reminds us that we are all evangelists for God. And that we must spread the Word as much as we can. In fact, this is why we started faith & honesTee! 

Even if the only Truth someone has seen is from one of your t-shirts, vehicle decals, or even jewelry, it's all a wonderful way to start meaningful conversations with others. We love serving you and giving you the opportunity to evangelize in a loving and conversational way. And we encourage you to pick up a new item or two giving your closet a little spring freshness.

As always, with love,

The faith & honesTee team

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