Mr. Rogers Ain’t Got Nothing On Me

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Have you ever woken up from a dream and felt energized? Encouraged? Even empowered?

I woke up from a dream this morning; a dream where I had become immortal. However, this wasn’t a Dracula and vampires type of dream. In it, to be granted immortality here on Earth you had to be blessed with the gift. And there was only one man who gave out such a blessing.

The other interesting part of this dream is that no one knew about immortality or this man, so it’s not as though we could seek him or it. It was almost as if he found me. And when he and his followers did, he changed my life. He blessed me with immortality.

When I met this man, I had no idea who he was or what he could do. I simply looked upon him and felt incredibly drawn to him. Drawn to him so much physically that I wanted to follow him. Can you imagine dropping your entire life to follow a complete stranger for the rest of it? (Sometimes I really don’t know what I’m thinking in dreams. LOL)

Now, in this dream life I wasn’t doing what I do now. (Marketing expert by day, marketing instructor by night, entrepreneur whenever I can squeeze it in, Mom, wife, daughter, friend, lover of Christ 24/7.) Instead I worked with children.

Not that I could ever compare to Mr. Rogers, but in this dream I was sort of doing something similar to what Mr. Rogers did for my generation (and a few others) on public television. Except, I was on YouTube.

I read stories, had puppet shows, and did a lot of fun things educating our youth, encouraging them to read on their own, and sharing my heart full of love with them through the screen. I pretty much figured if parents are going to let littles be on phones and tablets for hours on end, as they’ve been doing these past 10-15 years, then maybe I can make a difference in their lives and give them love they might be missing at home as best I can…virtually. 

So what does this have to do with the strange man and immortality? Well, this was my life in the dream. And I was going to leave all of this great work to follow this man around because I was feeling called to do so. I mean the physical pull to him was incredibly intense. It was somewhat lustful, but not entirely. Most of it was driven by an overwhelming love in my heart. 

I’m standing before, let’s call him Immortality Man for lack of a better name, and he talks to me a bit. (Wish I could remember this conversation, though I think we were physically located at a fair in the evening. Picture the movie The Great Outdoors.)

I’m given immortality and pretty much told I was given it because I am worthy of it. And then he and his followers begin to leave. I want to go with him and I reach for him. We grab a hold of each other arm to arm for a brief moment. He continues walking away but  he is somewhat facing me and our hands slip down each other’s arms slowly as he tells me to continue doing what I’m doing. 

I am different. I am blessed. I feel powerful not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. I think about Mr. Rogers again and I realize how different I was from him. Notice I said the word “was”. I lived my life…well. I’m no magnanimous Christian, but I do good, I love hard and deep, I strive to be a better person today than I was yesterday, and I serve others to help make this world a better place.

I never feel that my impact needs to be gigantic. I am pleased with ripples. I am satisfied with making a difference in one person’s life at a time and having that sort of “pay it forward” effect. 

But with this change to my life also came an epiphany…about Mr. Rogers of all things. I thought about him again, how loving he was, how kind, how he had a servant’s heart, and how time never restricted him from getting to know others, have those sometimes hard conversations, and just truly love on others like Jesus loves us. I’m no Mr. Rogers. So why am I different?

Lightbulb! Mr. Rogers was led by his spirit. And then God whispered to me as he often does, “He was led by the Holy Spirit.” Hmm, so maybe I didn’t really have an epiphany? Ha ha ha. Our wonderful, amazing, and brilliant Father gave me the answer. I’m cool with that because now I have the blessed opportunity to share it with you.

While I’m not some big YouTube star amongst children, and I haven’t been blessed with immortality here on Earth, I’m so thankful for my dream. I better understand what’s missing from my day-to-day…turning off more of me and embracing more of the Holy Spirit. What an incredible life we can live if we lead it by following one of God’s many blessings.

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