About Us

Bringing faith-inspired apparel and more to the faith-inspired. That's our mission! 💯

Our Heavenly Father put it on our hearts many years ago to start this business. And, He blessed us with most of the know-how to do so, but there was one piece missing. So we spent about 10 years documenting all of our t-shirt ideas in journals, notepads, and even in our cell phones.

Then in late 2017, our family was hit with a layoff. And while we were picking ourselves back up and trying our best to pay bills and provide for our kids, an interesting Facebook ad scrolled on up in our newsfeed. It looked like it might be the missing business piece we needed to finally launch faith & honesTee. WOO HOO!

And, praise the Lord, it was! We were beyond thrilled. 🌟 Without hesitation we created our business name, logo, website, and first products.

We want to help you and your loved ones keep Christ-centered each and every day. Every item we design or curate to add to our shop is specifically chosen to bring you and yours peace, love, joy, and encouragement.

Together we can change the world for the better...keeping God at the center of all we do. Thanks for being a part of the faith & honesTee family! 🥰



Got an idea you'd like to see and wear? Let us know

Currently our products are available for shipping in the US only. We'll keep you posted once we're able to expand. 🤳