We're in the Running for a $5k NextDoor Kind Foundation Grant

Lisa Cutter

Take a sneak peek at our NextDoor Kind Foundation Grant Application Video. We're so excited to potentially receive $5k to grow our small, woman-owned business!

Video Application Intro

Do you know that research indicates the average US citizen trusts other less and less as each year passes by? That means small business are not only competing for our target market's attention, but we're also working double-time on building trust.

My business is no exception. Everything we've earned has gone back into the business for this website, cost of goods sold, utilities, digital advertising, etc.

Why the NextDoor Grant?

We'd love to win this grant to invest in digital ads. By doing so, we will reach more of our target market to build and cultivate new relationships while also increasing our sales.

We know there's a market for what we offer because even with the little bit of online presence we have, our website traffic increase on average 129% year-over-year.

How will we use the grant if we win?

Our plan to use the grant to better the business goes back a little bit since faith & honesTee has been entirely bootstrapped since its inception. Our specific objective is to generate $1k in revenue monthly beginning in March 2023.

Ways We're Committed to Continue to Have an Impact in the Community

  • We're in the top 10% of donors on GoFundMe.
  • We donate time, money, and products throughout the year...every year.
  • We plan to start a podcast this year to reach more of our target audience so we can encourage, empower, and inspire them through more personal connections. The podcast will be called, "The Girl Who Did It All Wrong".
  • We also want to be in a financial position to donate more products and monies as faith & honesTee grows annually.

Thanks for supporting us so we can continue to grow, do good in the world, and bring more peace, joy, love, and happiness to each and everyone one of you!

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