Pray for the Ukraine

Lisa Cutter

Pray for the Ukraine
I spent much of my day in prayer yesterday. 🙏🏼 Yes, I was working…and a very long day at that, but I was overcome with emotion over the situation in the Ukraine from the start of my day.
This war is weighing heavily on my heart ❤️ and God knows it. I feel helpless and powerless to help our brothers and sisters in the Ukraine. All I know that I can do is pray. And so I am.
Tommy Praying
But why the pic of our pup, Tommy? 🐕‍🦺 Because I did something last night I’ve never done before.
Last night as I watched a news show with my husband for the first time in years…being an empath I can’t watch the news regularly. I feel too much. I hurt too much. I honestly have no idea how our Father does what He does every single day and night. Sometimes I even pray for God about Him and what he deals with day in and day out over our craziness in this world.
Back to the news…I sat watching, listening intently, absorbing the info, and learning…I cried…again. Not my first time crying yesterday because my prayers have been quite emotionally charged and powerful. 😢
Our sweet boy Tommy didn’t like that Mommy was crying. He got up from his comfy position lying down and came to me. He wouldn’t leave me be. He insisted on being with me with his adorable face in my lap as I experienced the emotions I was going through at that time.
And so I thanked him, as I usually do, and then I asked him…
“Do you want to pray with me?”
He lit up. I could see he was eager to participate with me and help me stop crying.
I held his adorable face and prayed out loud with him. My first audible prayer all day. I’d never prayed with my dog before. It was definitely a new experience. And it was also somehow calming and beautiful. 💗
Here’s our encouragement for you today…
Stop. Take some time and pray for the safety our Ukrainian brothers and sisters. Pray for the Russians that they wise up and know this is NOT the way. That they cease fighting. Pray for our military who have been shipped over there and those who haven’t been sent yet. Pray with your pet(s) if you have one (or more).
Our prayers our powerful and if we come together to do the one thing we CAN do…let God’s will be done. 🙌🏼 Peace, love, and kindness for all.

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