Best streaming TV offer? We think so!

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As a budget conscious family, we too cut the cable cord a few years back. We've tried our hand with Sling TV first, then moved on to DirectTV Now, and currently we're trying out YouTube TV. 

Personally, I've liked each of them, but my husband is the one in charge of this decision. Why? Because frankly, I don't want to deal with it. It's a task I'm happy to delegate. As long as the few channels I do watch, when I actually have time to watch a little TV are available for me, then great! But, I've gotta have my NetFlix. (Although with the recent changes because of Disney +, who knows? I might just change my mind about NetFlix. LOL We shall see). 

The reason I'm writing this post to you fabulous folks today is because I've come across a special streaming TV deal that I've dubbed the "Best Streaming TV Offer."  You can now get Disney +, Hulu, and ESPN for only $12.99 a month. That seems pretty awesome to us! So much so, that we've dedicated this entire blog post to helping you save and get quality streaming entertainment (and education, let's not forget that part) for you and your family.

I'll never forget the day I had the Disney Channel on with Dora the Explorer fashioning the screen while I was cleaning the kitchen. Our then 2 year old son, Connor, now in the US Army at Advanced Individual Training stations at Ft. Lee, VA (after having just received his paratrooper wings last week at Ft. Benning, GA), heard Dora ask a question. To us, the question was simple, but to a child who hadn't yet learned math (though I did teach him many things at home, and he was at a stellar Christian pre-school since he was a baby as well), I was surprised and utterly delighted that he answered the question... and even more so, he was correct! Dora asked, "What number comes between 1 and 3?" To my amazement, Connor simply said while playing with his toys, "Two." My heart soared! He is our first son, and even though his little brother (only a baby at the time), was also a part of our lives, I was still experiencing many firsts with Connor. 

I treasure this memory and I hope that this offer helps you and your family make and cherish memories when you curl up and cuddle in front of the TV. Enjoy!

**Side note: I/we have been paid nothing, nor received a bundle account at a discount or for free for sharing this info. I/we simply wish to serve you, our beloved faith & honesTee family with additional savings outside of our website that we find and make the cut to share in a blog post and on our social media pages."